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Alo~ Jac'Kee here @o@ Haha figures I could only guess it was you from your avatar XD
Okie I'm adding ya~ *hearts*
Add me ba
Hi~ Okie added~~~
Add me because I wanna see GG cosplay weeeee ^_^

If I'm not wrong, you are from Dustloop forums right? ^^
Yes I am
@_@@_@_@ How did you know? Who are jioo on the fourms =DDDDDD
Sorry that was me I forgot to sing in ;P
Because I am in that forum too XD
Mostly lurking tho. I'm Akane on the forums. Nice to meet you!
Added you =3
OMG OMG are you Akane-chan?????

I WUV YOUR LJ LAYOUT where u get it??? :DDDDDDDD

added you yossshhh
Yes me is Akane~ XD

A friend made the layout~ ^^
^.^ I had no clue you had an lj. Friend??
Sure! =D
Added you!

I discovered you through Raging Tofu's journal and realized who you were, and thought it'd be awesome to have a fellow Ky cosplayer, particularly one I respect as much as you, as an lj friend!

Hi~ *wave wave*
Wow, thanks ^_^

Added you~ ♥
Sol and Ky are friends /only/ :D
*pfftsnortgiggle yeahright..*
why hello thar! *add*
Why, hello!
raging_tofu mentioned you'd be working on the GG manga translations with the rest of us, so I'm stopping by to say hi and introduce myself. ^_^ On which subject, jaseroque and I just finished the script for the third chapter (up here if you need the site link), and I thought I'd give you guys the heads up and chance to have a look at it if you want before I start plugging it elsewhere.
raging_tofu told me about the translation project with you guys ^-^

I hope you guys won't mind if I am a little slow (work and all).
And if you guys honestly think I am not up to it, please do let me know and I'll pass the baton to someone. =)
We can see how it all goes, but I doubt you have anything to worry about. jaseroque and I both have full times jobs too, and we're likely to get heavily bogged down on cosplay projects in the next couple of months. I can't see us being all that speedy either. ^^;

Am now admiring all your lovely cosplay, btw. :3 If it's not too presumptuous, friend?
I'm currently stressed with one cosplay project's details too x_x;;

Sure! =D
*adds you* ^-^
Don't I know that feeling. ^^;

^_^ *friends back*
suki.luna here~ can add me? :)
Okie sure.
Added. ^^
Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic

I don’t bookmark sites but i will bookmark this! LOL!

This article was vey helpful to me. It helped me to be informed and more aware. The details were such a blessing, thanks.